Line Card

Cornell DubilierCornell Dubilier, Inc.: Capacitors to include aluminum electrolytic, power films, polyester film, polypropylene film, flat pack, mica, pulse, snubber, DC link, ac oil (motor-run, motor-start), high voltage, supercapacitors, and v-chips.

Hallmark NameplateHallmark Nameplate: A quality supplier of nameplates, graphic overlays, membrane switches, and control panels servicing various industries to include aerospace, medical, computer & IT, automotive, food service, telecommunications, and others.

HeatronHeatron, Inc.: Thermal management solutions including thick film, flexible, clearview, cartridge, cast-in, and specialty.

HVR Advanced Power ComponentsHVR Advanced Power Components: Cost-effective engineered solutions for difficult, high-stress resistor applications, with pre-engineered or application-specific solutions.

INSUL-FABINSUL-FAB: Solutions to include thermal insulation, acoustic and noise, electromechanical, fabricated foam & rubber, fabricated plastic, and specialty tape solutions.

NRD Static ControlNRD Static Control: The only company providing advanced static control solutions for both alpha and corona technology. NRD provides a customer-first approach to find exactly the right solution for your unique situation. Solutions can include fans/blowers, bar ionizers, ionizing guns, and innovative ionizer monitoring equipment.

Odyssey ElectronicsOdyssey Electronics: The nation's leading source for printed circuit board assembly and more.

Renco ElectronicsRenco Electronics, Inc.: Chokes, inductors, transformers, toroids, surface mounts.

Wall Industries, Inc.Wall Industries, Inc.: DC/DC power converters, AC/DC power supplies, custom solutions.