Manufacturers' Agents National Association

Electronics Representatives Association

AmeriStar Manufacturing, IncAmeriStar Manufacturing, Mankato, MN: Metal stamping, Machining, Assembly, Sheet Metal fabrication, Laser and Water jet cutting and CNC Machining.

Butler TechnologiesButler Technologies, Inc., Butler PA: Membrane switches, Graphic overlays, Dials, Flex Circuits, Silicone Rubber Keypads.

CanthermCanadian Thermostats & Control Devices, Ltd. - CANTHERM, Montreal, (Quebec) Canada: Control thermostats, NTC Thermistors, Thermal Fuses, Thermal and Bimetal Cut-outs.

COOLTRON Industrial Supply, IncCOOLTRON Industrial Supply, Inc - Fans, Blowers, Heat-Sinks: Tube-axial industrial cooling fans, blowers, fan accessories, and heat-sinks. Also value added service like twisting lead wires, adding connectors, making fan trays, and thermal engineering designing and testing.

Cornell DubilierCornell Dubilier, Inc., New Bedford, MA, Liberty SC & Mexicali, Mexico: Capacitors, Aluminum Electrolytic, Power Films, Polyester Film, Polypropylene Film, Flat pack, Mica, Pulse, Snubber, AC oil (motor-run, motor-start), High Voltage and V-chips.

Grand TransformersGrand Transformers (GTI): Custom designer and manufacturer of inductive components that include Power Transformers, Line/Load Reactors and DC Chokes. Specializing in providing dry type custom products that meet the unique requirements of OEM's in a variety of markets, some of which include Adjustable Speed Drives, Elevators, Power Quality, Medical, Energy/Renewables, and HVAC.

HeatronHeatron, Inc., Leavenworth, KS: Thermal management solutions - Thick Film, Flexible, Clearview, Cartridge, Cast-in, Specialty.

HVR Advanced Power ComponentsHVR Advanced Power Components in Cheektowaga, NY: Cost-effective engineered solutions for difficult, high-stress resistor applications, with pre-engineered or application-specific solutions.

Illinois CapacitorIllinois Capacitor: Leading manufacturer of miniature capacitors for electronics, lighting, energy and other markets. These products include Aluminum Electrolytic, Metalized Film, Power Film, Supercapacitors (Ultra Capacitors) and other types.

Jennings TechnologyJennings Technology Company, San Jose, CA: Vacuum & gas filled capacitors & relays, Vacuum interrupters; Vacuum contactors, Vacuum coaxial relays, Switching matrices, Test & measurement equipment.

King CordKing Cord: A/C POWER CORDs used in IT and Office Equipment, home appliances, Lighting, Industrial Equipment and other related electrical products.

Leader Tech, Inc.Leader Tech, Inc: Leading manufacturer of EMI Shielding technology including EMI Gaskets, EMI/RFI Shielding, Circuit Board Shielding, Ferrites, Beryllium Copper Gaskets (BeCu), and other EMI/RF Shielding solutions.

Methode Electronics, Inc.Methode Electronics, Inc.: Bus Bars, Power Cabling, Power Connectors and Contacts, "Smart Power Stack" (Power Supply and Motor-Drive Applications).

Renco ElectronicsRenco Electronics Inc, Rockledge, FL: Chokes, Inductors, Transformers, Toroids, Surface Mounts.

Wall Industries, Inc.Wall Industries, Inc.: DC/DC Power Converters, AC/DC Power Supplies, Custom Solutions.